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Door Access

The Door Access Card Program allows students to gain entry into rooms such as labs, which are controlled by a card reader for security reasons. Students will not be able to access these rooms without a door access card. Computer labs that are currently participating in the York University Door Access Card Program are:

  • S110; S117b; N119 Ross Building
  • 159 Behavioural Sciences Building
  • 107 McLaughlin
  • 4023; 4027; 4028; 4029; 4031 & 4034 TEL Bldg (Dept. of Design)
  • 020; 226 Petrie Building
  • 122 West; 123 East; 126 East; 127 West Centre for Film & Theatre

All students enrolled in Faculty of Arts and/or Faculty of Fine Arts courses can obtain door access cards from the Customer Service counter at Parking and Transportation Services, 222 William Small Centre, during the office hours as indicated below:

Mondays - Thursdays from 8:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
Fridays from 8:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Students are required to register their card using the online Door Access Registration portal located at:

Students will be prompted to enter their Passport York username and password. Students should follow the links on the website to register their door access card. Once the card is registered, the card will become active with access privileges to labs and rooms after 24 - 48 hours. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR CARD WILL NOT BECOME ACTIVE IF YOU ARE NOT FULLY REGISTERED IN THE COURSE THAT IS GRANTING YOU ACCESS TO THE LAB.

It is only possible to register one door access card per student. Once students register a card in Door Access Registration, subsequent card registrations will not be accepted. Students require only one door access card. All access privileges that students require will be activated onto one card - the card they register online at


Any lost, stolen and/or found door access cards must be reported, upon discovery, to Security, Parking and Transportation Services, Campus Services and Business Operations at York University.

For after hours reporting, please go to Security Control Centre located at 228 William Small Centre, or by phone at (416) 736-5333 (extension 53333).


A replacement card will only be issued upon presentation of a proper photo ID (driver's license, York card, health card, passport, or citizenship). All replacement cards are subject to a $20 fee upon issuance.

All old cards will be deactivated once a new card has been issued.

Please direct any door card inquiries or problems to