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Property Security

Your property is important to you, and having your belongings stolen can mean major hassles that should be avoided. Whether it is property in your dorm room, the library, or lecture halls, you always need to be conscious of the potential for someone to steal your things. Theft can be a problem no matter where you are.

There are things that you can do to help protect your property while on campus.

  • Do not leave your valuables, such as your wallet, purse, or laptop, unattended at ANY time.
  • Do not lend your smartphone, tablet or laptop to a stranger. There have been incidents where the stranger has made off with the property once it has been freely handed over.
  • Consider marking up or personalizing your property in some unique way, this makes the item less saleable and therefore unattractive to thieves.
  • Take a photo record of all valuables, including recording the serial, make and model numbers.
  • Lock your car at all times and do not leave valuables openly visible in the car.
  • Register your bike on the Toronto Police website at: This will greatly increase the chances of recovery if it is stolen.

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