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Weekly Security Incident Log (WSIL)

The Weekly Security Incident Log is circulated electronically as part of the Security departments ongoing effort to provide information about incidents occurring on campus to promote awareness and provide pro-active crime prevention information to reduce the opportunity of crime. The Crime Prevention Office prepares this report.

Please note that the reported sexual violence statistics only represent incidents reported to York Security Services. These statistics do not reflect cases reported in confidence to the Sexual Violence Response Office (SVRO). As of September 2016, survivors have the option of reporting cases to the SVRO. Notification to police is only done at the direction of the survivor unless there is an imminent threat to community safety. SVRO is the lead intake and coordinating office for sexual violence reports. Accordingly, SVRO maintains their own statistics. Survivors still have the option of reporting to York Security Services, Community Safety Department, if they wish in addition to reporting to SVRO.